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100m from concealed level crossing 2 lane usage and direction overview 200m from concealed level crossing 3 lane usage and direction overview 300m from concealed level crossing Ahead only Begin of a residential area Begin of a zone with speed limit 30 Begin of a zone with speed limit 40 Begin of expressway Begin of zone where parking is prohibited Bicycle Bus Stop Buses prohibited Camping site ahead Cars not allowed - prohibited Cattle crossing Caution, cyclists ahead Children crossing the road Circular mirror Country name Crossing for pedestrians warning ahead Crossroad ahead with side road to left Crossroad ahead, side roads to right and left Crossroad with sharp side road on left side Crossroad with sharp side road on right side Cyclist must use mandatory path Cyclists crossing - People can cross Cyclists not permitted Deer crossing in area - road Direction of traffic on roundabout Directions for towns Distance Distance to the left Distance to the right Double curve ahead, to the left then to the right Driving straight ahead or turning left mandatory Driving straight ahead or turning right mandatory End of a lane End of lane ahead End of prohibited road End of residential area End of the divided path for pedestrians and cyclists End of the overtaking prohibition End of the path for cyclists End of the shared path for pedestrians and cyclists End of the zone with speed limit 30 Entering town Entry not allowed - forbidden Entry not allowed - forbidden (checkpoint) Falling Motorcyclists Falling rocks in road from left - area warning Falling rocks in road from right - area warning Give way to oncoming traffic, road narrows Handicapped Hard left Hard right Height restriction ahead Hospital ahead Hospital and servicing ahead Information ahead Left Lorries & Trucks forbidden Mandatory left Mandatory shared path for pedestrians and cyclists Men at work Milestone for highway number Motorcyclists and cars prohibited Motorway begins No Parking No entry (one-way traffic) No left No right Not Town Number One-way traffic Overtaking not allowed Parking allowed only if you pay Parking permitted Pass on right only Passing left compulsory Path for cyclists and pedestrians divided is compulsory Pedestrian traffic from right Pedestrian traffic from the left Pedestrians move use mandatory path Pedestrians not permitted Petrol Pump ahead Place Poor road surface ahead Priority over oncoming traffic, road narrows Radio station Rail crossing ahead with 1 railway Rail crossing without barriers ahead Railroad crossing ahead with barriers Rain area Refreshments ahead Rest area ahead Restaurant ahead Right Road ahead curves to the left side Road ahead is a dead end Road bends ahead Road bends right then left Road bends to the right Road curving to the left Road curving to the right Road gets narrow on the right side Road narrows ahead Road narrows on the left Roundabout ahead Roundabout directions for towns Rut in the road School ahead Section Control Side road on the right warning Slippery road surface ahead Snow area Snow chains mandatory Speed bumps in road Speed limit 10 Speed limit 30 Speed limit 40 Speed limit 50 Speed limit 60 Speed limit 70 Speed limit ends 40 Speed limit ends 50 Speed limit ends 60 Speed limit ends 70 Speed travelled Steep ascent ahead Steep descent ahead Stop in short Distance Stopping and parking forbidden Tire service ahead Toll payment for vehicles upto 3-5t Towing lane Town Town ahead Town directions Town on the left Town on the right Tractors, cyclists and pedestrians prohibited Traffic light ahead Traffic signal with 2 lights Trucks Trucks heavier than indicated prohibited Trucks with trailer prohibited Turning left or right mandatory Turning left prohibited Turning right compulsory Turning right prohibited Two way traffic VI-2-1 VI-3-1 VI-3-1-1 VI-3-1-2 VI-3-2 VI-8 VII-4 VII-4-1 VII-4-1-1 VII-4-2 VII-4-3 VII-4-3-1 VII-4-3-2 VII-4-4-1 VII-4-4-2 Vehicles weighing heavier than indicated forbidden Vehicles where axle weight heavier than indicated prohibited Vehicles with polluted fluids prohibited Warning for a dip in the road Warning for a soft verge Warning for bikes and cyclists Warning for children and minors Warning for snow and sleet Waste area Water management area

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