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Object Detection



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Adult_Diapers Adult_hat Adult_milk_powder Adult_shoes Adult_socks Air_conditioner Air_conditioning_fan Baby_Furniture Baby_Toys Baby_carriage Baby_crib Baby_diapers Baby_handkerchiefs_ Baby_milk_powder Baby_slippers Baby_tableware Baby_washing_and_nursing_supplie Badminton Band_aid Basin Basketball Bath_lotion Bedding_set Biscuits Bowl Cake Can Carbonated_drinks Care_Kit Chewing_gum Children_Socks Children_Toys Children_hats Children_shoes Children_underwear Chocolates Chopping_block Chopsticks Coat_hanger Cocktail Coffee Comb Cooking_wine Cotton_swab Cutter Dairy Desk_lamp Dinner_plate Disposable_bag Disposable_cups Draw_bar_box Dried_beans Dried_fish Dried_meat Electric_Hot_pot Electric_fan Electric_frying_pan Electric_iron Electric_kettle Electric_steaming_pan Electromagnetic_furnace Emulsion Facial_Cleanser Facial_mask Fish_tofu Flour Food_box Football Forks Fresh-keeping_film Ginger_Tea Guozhen Hair_conditioner Hair_drier Hair_dye Hair_gel Herbal_tea Hot_strips Ice_cream Instant_noodles Jacket Juicer Knapsack Knives Lingerie Liquor_and_Spirits Lotus_root_flour Makeup_tools Men_underwear Microwave_Oven Mixed_congee Mouth_wash Mug Noodle Notebook Oats Pasta Pen Pencil_case Pie Pot_shovel Potato_chips Quick-frozen_Tangyuan Quick-frozen_Wonton Quick-frozen_dumplings Razor Red_wine Refrigerator Rice_cooker Rise Sauce Sesame_paste Shampoo Skate Skin_care_set Soap Socket Soup_ladle Sour_Plum_Soup Soy_sauce Soybean_Milk_machine Soymilk Spoon Sports_cup Stool Storage_bottle Storage_box Tampon Tea Tea_beverage Television Thermos_bottle Toothbrush Toothpaste Trash Trousers Vinegar Walnut_powder Washing_machine