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TFT Set 8.5 Clip Recognition

Object Detection

Roboflow Universe TFT Project TFT Set 8.5 Clip Recognition

TFT Set 8.5 Clip Recognition Computer Vision Project

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If you use this dataset in a research paper, please cite it using the following BibTeX:

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TFT Project

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Object Detection




Aatrox Admin Emblem Alistar Anima Squad Emblem Anima Visage Annie Anvil Archangels Staff Ashe Aurelion Sol BF Sword Belveth Blitzcrank Bloodthirster Blue Buff Bramble Vest Brawler Emblem Camille Chain Vest Chalice of Power Deathblade Defender Emblem Dragons Claw Draven Duelist Emblem Edge of Night Egg Ekko Ezreal Fiddlesticks Fiora Gadgeteen Emblem Gangplank Garen Gargoyle Stoneplate Giant Slayer Giants Belt Gnar Guardbreaker Guinsoos Rageblade Hand of Justice Hecarim Hextech Gunblade InfiniTeam Emblem Infinity Edge Ionic Spark Janna Jax Jeweled Gauntlet Jhin Jinx Kaisa Kayle Last Whisper Leblanc Lee Sin Leona Level 1 Bar Level 2 Bar Level 3 Bar Lucian Lulu Lux Malphite Mascot Emblem Miss Fortune Mordekaiser Morellonomicon Morgana Nasus Needlessly Large Rod Neeko Nilah Nunu Obsidian Cleaver Ox Force Emblem Pantheon Poppy Prankster Emblem Protectors Vow Pyke Quicksilver Rabadons Deathcap Rammus Rapidfire Cannon Recurve Bow Redemption Rell Renekton Riven Runaans Hurricane Samira Shen Shroud of Stillness Sivir Sona Spear of Shojin Spellslinger Emblem Star Guardian Emblem Statikk Shiv Sunfire Cape Sureshot Emblem Sylas Syndra Tear of the Goddess Thiefs Gloves Titans Resolve Twisted Fate Ultimate Ezreal Underground Emblem Urgot Vayne Vex Vi Viego Warmogs Armor Warwick Wukong Yasuo Zac Zekes Herald Zephyr Zzrot Portal

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