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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Surveillance Systems: The "Stabbing_Knife_Deploy" model could be used in smart surveillance systems to identify potential dangerous behavior within a scene, such as a person deploying a knife. Early detection can alert authorities and prevent potential crime incidents.

  2. Video Content Monitoring: This model can also be used for monitoring video content on online platforms, to automatically detect and flag violent content or scenes involving assault with knives for review or removal.

  3. Personal Security Apps: Personal safety apps could integrate this model to alert the user whenever a knife is deployed around them, especially in unsafe areas or during nighttime.

  4. Forensic Investigations: Within the context of crime scene analysis or forensic investigations, the model can help in going through security footages, and provide precise timestamps or identify key frames involving the act of stabbing.

  5. Training Simulations: The model could be used within simulated environments for training law enforcement officers or security personnel to identify stabbing incidents and react appropriately.

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