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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Sports Training: This model can be used in fencing training centers to improve the technique of the players. By identifying the stabbing motion and the position of the hand, coaches can give precise feedback to the practitioners.

  2. Forensic Analysis: Law enforcement agencies can use this model to analyze CCTV footage in stabbing cases. The model can identify the aggressor, victim, and weapon, providing valuable information for investigations.

  3. Augmented Reality Games: Developers could use this model in the development of engaging augmented reality games where players can mimic the actions of stabbing or fencing.

  4. Safety Applications: The model can be integrated into personal safety apps. When the app detects a stabbing motion, it could automatically send alerts to emergency services along with the user's location and a clip of the incident.

  5. Film Industry: Directors and stunt coordinators can use this system to choreograph fight scenes, particularly those involving knifework or fencing. The system could detect and analyze each movement, providing the means for adjustments to enhance realism or safety.

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Aggressor, Blood, Fencing, Hand, Knife_Weapon, Person, Stabbing, Victim

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