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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Crime Scene Analysis: Forensic teams and investigators can use this model to analyze crime scene footage and pictures, identify key elements of a stabbing occurrence, and aid in investigations or reconstructing events.

  2. Surveillance Systems: The model could be implemented in surveillance cameras, where it can help in real-time detection of threatening activities in public areas or private properties, hence aiding in crime prevention.

  3. Video Content Moderation: The model may be used on social media platforms or video sharing websites to detect explicit violent content, helping moderators enforce platform rules against harmful posts.

  4. Training and Education: Law Enforcement, Forensics, or General Security training institutes can use these models for education and training purposes. The trainees can learn about various situations, indicators, and factors about violent incidents.

  5. Virtual Reality Simulations: This model could be used in creating VR simulations for training purposes where first responders, medical professionals or police officers deal with a simulated violent situation, helping them to prepare for real-life scenarios.

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Aggressor, Blood, Hand, Knife_Weapon, Person, Stabbing, Victim

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