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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Gesture-controlled Applications: Use "HandsDetecting_230127" in applications that interpret hand gestures as commands. This model could be integrated into VR/AR applications, creating an immersive UX by allowing users to manipulate virtual objects with their hands.

  2. Assistive Technology: Implement in technology for physically impaired individuals or those with limited mobility. The model could be used in a tool that translates hand signals into text or voice, enabling communication for those unable to speak or type.

  3. Driver Safety Systems: Incorporate into a monitoring system for drivers, detecting hand signals like stop and turns (CCW or CW). This could warn drivers of potential hazards or even control certain vehicle functionalities, improving road safety.

  4. Smart Home Control: Use in the field of IoT where the model could interpret hand signals to control smart home devices. Users could use designated gestures to control lighting, temperature, or entertainment systems.

  5. Interactive Gaming: Leverage in the development of interactive video games where physical hand movements are translated into in-game actions, offering a unique and engaging user experience.

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CCW, CW, stop

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