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CW_CCW_Stop_123_v1 Computer Vision Project


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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Gesture-Based Controls: This model can be used for creating a gesture recognition system in consumer electronics like TVs or video games. By simply moving their hands in specific movements, users can change channels, adjust volume, or switch off the device.

  2. Communication Aid for Disabled: People with speech/hearing impairments often rely on hand gestures for communication. This model can identify different hand gestures, thus helping in interpreting sign language.

  3. Aiding in Traffic Management: The model can be implemented in smart traffic management systems where hand signals of traffic police or pedestrians are recognized to manage vehicular movement effectively.

  4. Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality: The model can be used in developing intuitive VR/AR interfaces where users can interact with the digital world using natural hand movements. Commands like rotate, stop, or select could be controlled with hand gestures.

  5. Hands-Free Interface in Healthcare: In surgeries or procedures where sterility is important, this model can help practitioners control various medical devices just by using hand gestures without physical contact.

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Object Detection




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