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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Sign Language Recognition: The model classifies hand movements or signs such as clockwise rotation, counterclockwise rotation, and stop, which can be used in a sign language recognition system. By identifying various hand signs, the model could assist in translating sign language into written or spoken language.

  2. Gesture-based Control System: The model can be an important component of a gesture control system, where hand movements like clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, or stop gesture can be used as commands to control devices. For example, rotating the hand clockwise could increase the volume of a device, rotating it counterclockwise could decrease it, and a stop gesture could pause or shut it down.

  3. Human-Robot Interaction: In environments where verbal communication is not possible or desirable, this model could be used to control robots or automated systems through hand gestures.

  4. Automotive Safety: The model could be used in automotive safety systems, for instance detecting hand gestures made by drivers to automate signaling turns or stopping.

  5. Interactive Gaming: In interactive video gaming, the model can capture a player's hand movements for character control or triggering gameplay actions. This adds a whole new level of dynamism and immersion to video gaming.

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