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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Gesture Control Applications: "ClockWise" can be used to identify and interpret human hand gestures in real time, enabling development of more intuitive, hands-on control for various software and hardware applications such as VR/AR, smart home controls, and game consoles.

  2. Mechanical Training: This model could be utilized in training simulations for mechanics or watch experts. By recognizing the difference between clockwise and counterclockwise movements, the model could guide learners in correct hand movements, contributing to efficient learning.

  3. Medical and Rehabilitation: In medical scenarios, "ClockWise" could be used to monitor patient motor skills, aiding doctors and therapists in tracking recovery progress, especially after surgeries or injuries influencing hand movement.

  4. Sign Language Recognition: The model can be trained to identify specific hand movements in sign language, granting more accessibility features such as real-time translation or transcription for the hearing impaired.

  5. Interactive Education: The model can assist in developing interactive learning tools where kids learn about various concepts like time, directions etc. using hand movements. By identifying the direction of hand movement, it can provide immediate feedback for efficient learning.

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