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This dataset contains 627 images of various vehicle classes for object detection. These images are derived from the Open Images open source computer vision datasets.

This dataset only scratches the surface of the Open Images dataset for vehicles!

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Use Cases

  • Train object detector to differentiate between a car, bus, motorcycle, ambulance, and truck.
  • Checkpoint object detector for autonomous vehicle detector
  • Test object detector on high density of ambulances in vehicles
  • Train ambulance detector
  • Explore the quality and range of Open Image dataset

Tools Used to Derive Dataset

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These images were gathered via the OIDv4 Toolkit This toolkit allows you to pick an object class and retrieve a set number of images from that class with bound box lables.

We provide this dataset as an example of the ability to query the OID for a given subdomain. This dataset can easily be scaled up - please reach out to us if that interests you.

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