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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Smart surveillance system: Implement a real-time surveillance system that monitors and identifies people, objects, and animals in urban and residential areas, enhancing security and providing valuable data for city planning.

  2. Assisted living for visually impaired individuals: Develop an application or wearable device that analyzes the surroundings and provides real-time visual guidance to visually impaired persons, helping them navigate safely.

  3. Intelligent traffic management: Design a system that analyzes traffic conditions, identifying vehicles, pedestrians, and road signs, to optimize traffic flow and reduce the risk of accidents in busy areas.

  4. Retail inventory management: Automate and improve inventory management in retail stores by identifying different products on shelves and tracking their placement, quantity, and arrangement to help streamlining restocking and logistics.

  5. Wildlife monitoring and conservation: Utilize the computer vision model to track and recognize wildlife species in their habitats, assisting in monitoring population numbers, behavioral patterns, and informing conservation efforts.

Trained Model API

This project has a trained model available that you can try in your browser and use to get predictions via our Hosted Inference API and other deployment methods.

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#, ., Christmas tree, PL, a man, air condition, air plane, apple, baby, background, bag, banana, basket, bath towels, bathtub, bear, bed, beef, bench, bike, bird, blinder, board, boat, book, bottle, bottle drink, box, bread, broom, bui, building, building#, bus, bycicle, cake, cakes, camera, candle, canoe, cap, car, carot, cart, casque, cat, chair, charger, cherry, child, cleaner, clock, coconut, coffe maker, computer, computer mousse, cow, cpu, croissant, cucumber, cup, cupboard, cupx, dog, door, dresser, drink can, earpiece, egg, elephant, fan, fire hydrant, fish, flag, flate, floor, flower pot, food, foot, fork, frame, fridge, fruits, furniture, garbage can, gateau, gaz cooker, giraffe, glass, glasses, grass, hand, hande, hany, hat, horse, house, iron, keyboard, keys, kite, knife, lake, land, landscape, laptop, lid, light, line, lunettes, mango, meal tray, mic, microwave, mirror, model, motorbike, mount, mountain, mouse, net, net., newspaper, onion, orange, panda, papaya, parachute, pen, person, phone, pillow, pineapple, pizza, plate, player, podium, pork, printer, projector, remote, rice cooker, road, rock, sand, scissors, screen, sea, seat, sheep, ship, shoes, shower, sign board, sit, skateboard, skiz, sky, snow, snowboard, soccer, socket, sofa, speaker, spoon, statut, step, stick, sunshade, support, surfboard, surfer, switch, table, tennis, tent, tire, toilet roll, toothbrush, toothpaste, toy, traffic light, trailer, train, trame, tramway, tree, truck, tv, tv remote, umbrella, usb, vegetable, wall, wallet, washbasin, watch hand, water, water heater, wc, window, x, z, zebra

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