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Object Detection




Alpaca Antelope Armadillo Auto part Ball Balloon Barrel Bat -Animal- Bear Beetle Bench Bicycle Bicycle helmet Bicycle wheel Billboard Bird Blue jay Boat Book Bookcase Boot Bottle Bowl Box Boy Briefcase Bronze sculpture Brown bear Brown-bear Building Bull Bust Butterfly Cake Camel Camera Canary Canoe Car Carnivore Cart Castle Cat Cat furniture Caterpillar Cattle Ceiling fan Cello Centipede Chair Cheetah Chicken Christmas tree Clothing Coat Cocktail Coffee Coffee cup Computer keyboard Computer monitor Cosmetics Couch Cowboy hat Crab Crocodile Crown Dairy Product Deer Desk Dessert Dinosaur Dog Dog bed Doll Door Drawer Dress Drink Drum Duck Eagle Egg -Food- Elephant Falcon Fashion accessory Fast food Fedora Fish Flag Flower Flowerpot Flying disc Food Football Footwear Fox French horn Frog Fruit Frying pan Furniture Giraffe Girl Glasses Goat Goggles Goldfish Golf ball Goose Guitar Hamster Handbag Harbor seal Harbor-seal Hat Headphones Hedgehog Helmet High heels Hiking equipment Hippopotamus Home appliance Horse House Houseplant Human arm Human beard Human body Human ear Human eye Human face Human foot Human hair Human hand Human head Human leg Human mouth Human nose Insect Invertebrate Jacket Jaguar -Animal- Jeans Jellyfish Kangaroo Kitchen - dining room table Kitchen appliance Koala Ladybug Lamp Land vehicle Laptop Lavender -Plant- Leopard Lion Lipstick Lizard Luggage and bags Lynx Magpie Mammal Man Marine mammal Mechanical fan Microphone Monkey Moths-and-butterflies Motorcycle Mouse Mug Mule Mushroom Musical keyboard Office building Ostrich Otter Owl Paddle Palm tree Panda Parrot Penguin Person Piano Picnic basket Picture frame Pig Pillow Plant Polar bear Polar-bear Porch Porcupine Poster Pumpkin Rabbit Raccoon Raven Rays and skates Red panda Red-panda Reptile Rhinoceros Roller skates Sandal Scarf Scorpion Sculpture Sea lion Sea turtle Sea-lion Sea-turtle Seahorse Shark Sheep Shelf Shirt Shorts Shrimp Skull Snack Snail Snake Snowboard Sparrow Spider Sports equipment Sports uniform Squid Squirrel Stairs Starfish Street light Suit Suitcase Sun hat Sunglasses Surfboard Swan Table Tablet computer Tableware Tank Tap Taxi Teddy bear Television Tick Tie Tiger Tin can Tire Toilet paper Tortoise Toy Traffic sign Tree Trousers Truck Turkey Turtle Umbrella Van Vase Vegetable Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Violin Waste container Watch Watermelon Weapon Whale Wheel Window Wine Wine rack Woman Woodpecker Worm Zebra

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