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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Security Surveillance Systems: This model can be employed in security camera analytics to spot and alert concerning the presence of weapons in real-time. It could be useful for areas like airports, shopping malls, banks, or other crowded places.

  2. Social Media Content Filtering: Online platforms could use this model to scan images posted by users for dangerous objects. The model could flag posts with potentially hazardous items, contributing to a safer community online.

  3. Customs Control: In airports or border crossings, this object detection model could be used to quickly scan luggage or cargo for any dangerous items.

  4. Smart Home Security: It could be used to enhance existing home security systems by adding the capacity to detect various objects considered to be dangerous from surveillance footage, triggering immediate alerts if detected.

  5. Criminal Investigation Aid: Law enforcement and investigation departments could use this model to analyze crime scene images and help in promptly recognizing potential weapons or suspicious objects.

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