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If you use this dataset in a research paper, please cite it using the following BibTeX:

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Manmeet Singh

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Object Detection




Barq_s Root Beer COKE ZERO Cherry Coke Zero ClassicCoke CocaColaCoffee Coke Vanilla zero CokeCherry CokeCoffee CokeVanila CokeZero CokeZeroSugar Dasani Delaware Punch DietCoke Fanta Fanta Grape Fanta Peach Fanta Pineapple Fanta Strawberry Fresca Full Throttle Full Throttle Blue Agave Full Throttle Red Berry Fuze Ice Tea Lemon Fuze Straw Red Tea Kinley KinleySoda Limca MM Fruit Punch nc MM Lemonade nc MM Pink Lemonade Mazza Minute Maid MinuteMaid Pibb Xtra Power Ade Seagram_s BlackRasp Seagram_s Key Lime Seagram_s White Peach Sprite Sprite Zero ThumbsUp ThumpsUP VitaminWater oz Peace Green Tea oz Peace Lemon Sweet oz Razzleberry Peace Tea oz. Peace Caddy Shack oz. Texas Style Sweet

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