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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Infrastructure Inspection: This model can be used to create an automated system that inspects power line infrastructure, detects and categorizes different components such as wires, crossarms, transformers, and poles, thus identifying any damage or faults for timely repairs and maintenance.

  2. Planning and Expansion Projects: Engineers and planners can use this model to understand the current status of electric poles in an area, facilitating the planning for the installation of new power lines or expansion of existing ones.

  3. Drones for Aerial Surveys: By deploying this model in drones, aerial surveys can be conducted to monitor the health of power line systems regularly and identify any potential issues before they lead to major power outages.

  4. Training for Utility Workers: The model can be used in an educational application to help utility workers learn about different components of a power line quickly, supplementing their training materials with interactive digital aids.

  5. Augmented Reality (AR) Applications: Using this model in an AR app can aid field technicians to instantly recognize and troubleshoot components on power line structures, significantly enhancing their efficiency and safety during field operations.

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