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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Fitness and Training: The "poseAction" model can be used in fitness apps or gym equipment to analyze and correct postures during exercises. For instance, trainers can track and correct users doing single leg squats, lunges or back bridges, enhancing the effectiveness of the workout and reducing injury risks.

  2. Virtual Physical Therapy: The model can help in developing applications for virtual physical therapy, providing feedback on patient activities, such as back bridges or lunges, to ensure that exercises are done correctly, thus accelerating recovery.

  3. Remote Coaching: Sports coaches or personal trainers may use a platform equipped with "poseAction" to supervise athletes or clients' exercises remotely and provide real-time feedback.

  4. Augmented Reality Gaming: In AR fitness games, "poseAction" could be used to recognize player movements and translate them into in-game actions, ensuring physical involvement of the player in the game.

  5. Human Behavior Analysis: The model can aid in developing systems that study ergonomics, workplace safety, or human behaviors, helping understand how people perform certain physical activities, such as how well they maintain posture in a back bridge or a lunge.

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