Household Trash Dataset (Simple)

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Household Trash Dataset (Simple) Computer Vision Project


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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Waste Management Solutions: The model can be integrated into waste management systems to sort household waste efficiently by recognizing different types of trash, improving recycling efforts and reducing the environmental footprint.

  2. Smart Homes: The dataset can be used to develop intelligent trash bins for smart homes that can identify and segregate waste properly, making it easier for homeowners to recycle effectively.

  3. Environmental Research: Researchers can use the model in studies to analyze the type and quantity of waste produced in different households, contributing to a better understanding of waste generation and disposal patterns.

  4. Community Cleaning Drives: This model could be used on drones or other machines to identify several types of trash during a community cleaning drive or in public spaces, aiding in quicker and more efficient clean-ups.

  5. Education and Awareness: The model could be utilized in educational applications or campaigns to teach about waste segregation and recycling. For instance, an app can be developed where users take pictures of their waste, which the model then recognizes and guides on proper disposal methods.

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Object Detection




aluminum, cardboard, egg shell, facemask, food wrapper, fruit peels, glass bottle, left-over food, paper, pet bottle, plastic bag, plastic bottle, plastic container, plastic sachet, plastic straw, styrofoam containers, treeleaves, uht carton, vegetable peels

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