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Dataset description

This data set was builded with the aim to develop an automatic people counter for the public transport system buses in the city of Santiago de Chile. The model must be loaded on an embedded device like the OAK-D plattform and the principal goal is try to characterize the passenger flux on the bus route. For that we mount three cameras inside the machine to count the number of people that onboards and alight in diferentes places during the journey, besides of estimate the number of passangers on the road and them who are waiting in the bus stops . This last thing could be accomplished using a fourth camera outside the bus.The images used are extracted from a videorecord series obtained during a sequence of jurneys. By this way we can know th estimated proprtion uf passsanger that uses certain type uf bus for travelling trough the city.

Use cases

In the past we have used the MobileNet network for trainning and detcetion by SSD detector. In that case we used an lateral / inclined view. In this opportunity we are using a topview to recognize the heads or/and shoulder using an Hough detector like algorithm. Also we are studyng the posibbility to use the YOLO detector on a TensorFlow framework.For tracking the trajectory of the people we are using DeepSort and LKT optical flow trackers.

About Our Team

We called ourselves the CHELKATUN NAUKA TEAM . This words are a fusion between the Chelkatun word thata means "Sharing", whom origin cames from the ancestral languague known as mapudungün and the polish word NAUKA whose meaning is "Knowledge" . This project its an international collaorations bettween post graduated students in computational sciences from Spain and Belgium and a student from Chile that is working actually on this project for his Physics Engineerng Thesis Project.

Also we are participating on the 2021 OPENCV AI SPATIAL COMPETITION.

If you want more information about us , please feel free to contact us by this email adress : to Sebastian, the student from Chile.

Trained Model API

This project has a trained model available that you can try in your browser and use to get predictions via our Hosted Inference API and other deployment methods.

Cite This Project

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