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Top Robotics Competition 2022 - Rapid React Datasets

Open source rapid react computer vision datasets, pre-trained models, and APIs.

This dataset was prepared for First Robotics by the 2914 Robotics Team of Wilson High School.

The dataset contains labeled blue and red balls. The original dataset contains 987 blue annotated examples, and 731 red annotated examples of the balls.

The raw images are contained in version 10 (raw-images)

Dataset for object detection with cargo from 2022 First Robotics Competition Rapid React.

This is a data set for the 2022 FRC game. Many of the images were automatically converted from FIRST's dataset. Other images were pulled from other teams who posted their images onto Chief Delphi for collaboration. About half of the images in the dataset are frames from the 2022 Kickoff video in order to help add new classes like the Hub/Hangar.

Currently the major dataset verions merge the "cargo_red", "cargo_blue", "redball", "blueball" classes into an individual class of "cargo". Then the code (available here: link) can do the color detection manually via doing a weighted average over the bounding box of the cargo detection.