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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Warehouse Management: This model can be used to track and manage inventory in a warehouse setting. Identification of different types of packages and their status (opened, damaged, good) can help keep records accurate and avoid loss or misplacement.

  2. Delivery Tracking: Using this model, logistic companies can track parcels and ensure they are delivered to the correct location. It could be used to identify mislabeled or damaged items in real-time, thus improving the speed and reliability of the delivery process.

  3. Retail Store Restocking: Retailers can utilize this model to identify when goods are low in stock (indicated by less number of packages on shelves) and restock efficiently. Additionally, identifying damaged goods can aid in improved inventory management.

  4. Surveillance System: This model could be used in security systems to identify suspicious activities, like a person who is moving around frequently with a suitcase or package which is unusual.

  5. Transportation Luggage Management: Airports or bus stations could implement this model to manage passengers' luggage more effectively, identifying lost or misplaced items, or potentially hazardous goods.

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