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Object Detection




airpods ambulance at-tv axe baby battery beanie bed bell biker blocks boat bolt bomb bottle bow bowl box c920 camera car car-battery chair charging-station ci circuit clock clock-12 clover compass controller crown cursor diamond dress drums fire-stove flute gameboy gamepad gas gas-pump ghost glass gong grill ground-station group hand-truck harp hat headset heart helmet hexagon house icee joystick kettle keyboard knight lift lightbulb lighthouse location mic mic-2 mirror mixer music nes pan pan flute pen phone piano pick ping-pong plane plane-flat plant plug pot printer puzzle record ring-dots robot robot-face rook save saxophone shield shorts signal siren skirt smasher sock spaceship spade spatula speaker stool sword sword-real tan tea tea pourer telescope ticket tie tipi tissue tophat trashcan truck-satellite trumpet turbo tv usb van violin vr watch wheel xylophone zap

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