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Object Detection




-Road narrows on right, 50 mph speed limit, Attention Please-, Beware of children, Bridge Ahead, CYCLE ROUTE AHEAD WARNING, Cross Roads, Dangerous Left Curve Ahead, Dangerous Rright Curve Ahead, End of all speed and passing limits, Give Way, Give Way- Yeild, Go Straight Or Left, Go Straight Or Right, Go Straight or Turn Right, Go straight or turn left, Keep Left, Keep Right, Keep-Left, Keep-Right, Land Sliding, Left Bend, Left Zig Zag Traffic, NO U Turn, No Entry, No Horn, No Left Turn, No Mobile Phones, No Overtaking, No Parking, No Right Turn, No_Over_Taking, Overtaking by trucks is prohibited, Parking, Pedestrian Crossing, Pedestrians, Railway Crossing, Right Bend, Road Divides, Round-About, Roundabout Ahead, Sharp Right Turn, Slippery Road Ahead, Slow, Speed Breaker Ahead, Speed Limit -120 km-h-, Speed Limit -20 km-h-, Speed Limit -25 km-h-, Speed Limit -30 km-h-, Speed Limit -40 km-h-, Speed Limit -45 km-h-, Speed Limit -50 km-h-, Speed Limit -60 km-h-, Speed Limit -65 km-h-, Speed Limit -70 km-h-, Speed Limit -80 km-h-, Speed Limit 20 KMPh, Speed Limit 30 KMPh, Steep Descent, Stop 1, Stop 2, Stop_Sign, Straight Ahead Only, Traffic_signal, Truck traffic is prohibited, Turn left ahead, Turn right ahead, U Turn, Uneven Road, Work Ahead, Zigzag Road Ahead, bicycle, bus_stop, children, crosswalk, do_not_enter, do_not_turn_left, do_not_turn_right, do_not_u_turn, give_way, left_lane_enter, left_right_lane, left_sharp_curve, left_turn, light_green, light_red, light_traffic, light_yellow, no_overtaking, no_overtaking_truck, no_parking, no_passing, no_stop, no_waiting, parking, railway_crossing, refueling, right_sharp_curve, right_turn, road_main, road_rough, road_slippery, road_work, rough_road, round_about, snow_warning, speed_limit_100, speed_limit_120, speed_limit_20, speed_limit_30, speed_limit_40, speed_limit_50, speed_limit_60, speed_limit_70, speed_limit_80, stop, t_intersection_l, truck, u_turn, warning

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CC BY 4.0

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