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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Marine Biology Research: The "Jellyfish" model can be used in marine biology research to aid scientists in identifying and classifying different species of jellyfish from underwater images. The resulting data can potentially provide valuable insights into jellyfish behavior, population distribution, and species diversity.

  2. Ocean Conservation: Environmental conservation organizations could utilize the "Jellyfish" model to monitor the jellyfish population and migration patterns, which can be crucial in understanding the overall health of marine ecosystems.

  3. Underwater Photography: Photographers can use this model to identify types of jellyfish in their underwater photos, this can help them categorize or tag their work more accurately.

  4. Tourism and Recreational Activities: The "Jellyfish" model can be employed by beach resorts or water activity centers to monitor water areas for jellyfish presence, helping to inform safety guidelines for guests engaging in swimming, diving, or other water-based activities.

  5. Aquarium Management: Aquariums and marine life exhibits could use the "Jellyfish" model to assist in sorting through images of sea life for cataloguing purposes or to know when and how to provide the right care for different types of jellyfish.

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