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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Augmented Reality Games: The computer vision model can be used in AR games where players have to identify or interact with certain objects. By recognizing various object classes, it can make gameplay more immersive and diverse.

  2. Educational Apps: This model can be incorporated into educational apps to help children learn new objects. An interactive game can be designed where children have to select a certain object, enhancing their vocabulary and cognitive abilities.

  3. Image-based Search Engine: An image is uploaded onto the search engine platform, the system identifies the objects in the image using the model, and returns similar images or relevant information.

  4. Security Systems: This model can be used in advanced security systems to identify specific objects entering or leaving a premise. For example, recognizing if a prohibited object is brought into a facility.

  5. Visual Assistance Tools: The "funcaptcha pick" model could be used in visual assistance applications to help visually impaired users identify objects in their surroundings. This could enhance their understanding of the environment around them and improve their quality of life.

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Object Detection




airplane, alien, anchor, ant, apple, aquarium, balls, banana, baseball, basketball, bat, beachball, bear, bee, bicycle, bird, boat, bread, burger, butterfly, cactus, calculator, camel, camera, car, card, cat, cheese, chicken, computer, controller, couch, cow, crab, crown, deer, dinosaur, diy, dog, dolphin, donut, doughnut, duck, elephant, fan, fence, fire, fire\, fish, flower, football, frog, giaraffe, glasses, goat, goose, grape, guitar, hat, helicopter, helmet, horse, hotdog, icecream, kangaroo, keys, koala, ladybug, lamp, lantern, latern, lion, lobster, lock, money, monkey, mouse, mushroom, octopus, ow;, owl, owl;, panda, pants, parrot, pencil, pig, pineapple, piza, pizza, printer, rabbit, rat, refridgerator, reindeer, rhino, ring, rocket, scissors, seal, shark, sheep, ship, shirt, shoe, snail, snake, snowman, soccerball, socks, spider, stapler, star, starfish, tennisball, toaster, toilet, train, trophy, turtle, umbrella, volleyball, watch, watermelon, zebra

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