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TFT 8.5 Champion Detection

Object Detection

Roboflow Universe TFT Project TFT 8.5 Champion Detection

TFT 8.5 Champion Detection Computer Vision Project


384 images
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TFT Project

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Object Detection



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CC BY 4.0


Aatrox AatroxBack Alistar AlistarBack Annie AnnieBack Ashe AsheBack Aurelion Sol Aurelion SolBack Belveth BelvethBack Blitzcrank BlitzcrankBack Camille CamilleBack Draven DravenBack Ekko EkkoBack Ezreal EzrealBack Fiddlesticks FiddlesticksBack Fiora FioraBack Gangplank GangplankBack Garen GarenBack Gnar GnarBack Hecarim HecarimBack Janna JannaBack Jax JaxBack Jhin JhinBack Jinx JinxBack Kaisa KaisaBack Kayle KayleBack Leblanc LeblancBack Lee Sin Lee SinBack Leona LeonaBack Lucian LucianBack Lulu LuluBack Lux LuxBack Malphite MalphiteBack Miss Fortune Miss FortuneBack Mordekaiser MordekaiserBack Morgana MorganaBack Nasus NasusBack Neeko NeekoBack Nilah NilahBack NotChamp Nunu NunuBack Pantheon PantheonBack Poppy PoppyBack Pyke PykeBack Rammus RammusBack Rell RellBack Renekton RenektonBack Riven RivenBack Samira SamiraBack Shen ShenBack Sivir SivirBack Sona SonaBack Sylas SylasBack Syndra SyndraBack Twisted Fate Twisted FateBack Ultimate Ezreal Ultimate EzrealBack Urgot UrgotBack Vayne VayneBack Vex VexBack Vi ViBack Viego ViegoBack Warwick WarwickBack Wukong WukongBack Yasuo YasuoBack Zac ZacBack