TFT Images

Object Detection

TFT Images Computer Vision Project


7740 images
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Object Detection



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aatrox-1 aatrox-2 aatrox-3 anivia-1 anivia-2 anivia-3 aoshin-1 ashe-1 ashe-2 ashe-3 aurelionsol-1 aurelionsol-2 bard-1 bard-2 braum-1 braum-2 braum-3 corki-1 corki-2 daeja-1 daeja-2 diana-1 diana-2 diana-3 elise-1 elise-2 elise-3 ezreal-1 ezreal-2 ezreal-3 gnar-1 gnar-2 gnar-3 hecarim-1 hecarim-2 heimerdinger-1 heimerdinger-2 heimerdinger-3 idas-1 idas-2 illaoi-1 illaoi-2 illaoi-3 jadecat-1 jinx-1 jinx-2 jinx-3 karma-1 karma-2 karma-3 kayn-1 kayn-2 kayn-3 leesin-1 leesin-2 leesin-3 leona-1 leona-2 leona-3 lillia-1 lillia-2 lillia-3 lulu-1 lulu-2 lulu-3 nami-1 nami-2 nami-3 neeko-1 neeko-2 nidalee-1 nidalee-2 nidalee-3 nomsy-1 nunu-1 nunu-2 nunu-3 olaf-1 olaf-2 olaf-3 ornn-1 ornn-2 pyke-1 pyke-2 qiyana-1 qiyana-2 qiyana-3 ryze-1 ryze-2 ryze-3 sejuani-1 sejuani-2 sejuani-3 senna-1 senna-2 senna-3 sett-1 sett-2 sett-3 shen-1 shen-2 shen-3 shiohyu-1 shiohyu-2 shyvana-2 skarner-1 skarner-2 skarner-3 sona-1 sona-2 sona-3 soraka-1 soraka-2 swain-1 swain-2 swain-3 syfen-1 syfen-2 sylas-1 sylas-2 sylas-3 tahmkench-1 tahmkench-2 tahmkench-3 talon-1 talon-2 targetdummy-1 taric-1 taric-2 taric-3 thresh-1 thresh-2 thresh-3 tristana-1 tristana-2 tristana-3 twitch-1 twitch-2 twitch-3 varus-1 varus-2 varus-3 vladamir-1 vladamir-2 vladamir-3 volibear-1 volibear-2 volibear-3 xayah-1 xayah-2 yasuo-1 yasuo-2 yone-1 yone-2 yone-3 zoe-1 zoe-2