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Object Detection

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Aad and Michael Dataset Computer Vision Project


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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Retail Inventory Automation: The computer vision model could be utilized by retail store owners to automate their inventory management. By scanning the shelves using the model, they can easily identify what products they have in stock, and in what quantities. This could significantly save time and cost in inventory management in retail businesses.

  2. Automated Checkout Systems: The computer vision model could be used for creating automated or “self-checkout” systems in stores. Shoppers could quickly and easily checkout by simply scanning their items, and this would reduce the need for cashier staff and reduce waiting times for customers.

  3. Smart Vending Machines: The model can be used to create intelligent vending machines that can identify the specific product a customer picked from the display, automatically calculate the total cost, and process payment.

  4. Customer Behaviour Analysis: Shops can use this model to track customer behavior in the store - which products they consider, how often they pick up a product, put it back, etc. This data can then be used for analytics and improving store layout, product placement, or promotions.

  5. Waste Management: In recycling and waste management, it could be used to identify and sort different products and brands, making it easier to recycle items correctly and maintain sustainability practices.

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Object Detection




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