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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Urban Development Monitoring: Government agencies or urban planners could use this model to monitor and analyze urban development over time. They can track the creation of new structures like bridges, dams, stadiums, and train stations and monitor changes in existing structures or features.

  2. Disaster Response Planning: SAM_geospatial_training can assist in disaster response strategies by identifying essential landmarks (airports, harbors, windmills, bridges, etc.) to assess their condition post-disaster or to plan evacuation routes.

  3. Environmental Conservation: Conservation organizations could utilize this model to monitor changes in land use like new constructions or destruction of fields, which could impact local ecosystems, weather patterns, or wildlife habitats.

  4. Military Surveillance: Defense departments could use this tool for surveillance purposes, monitoring enemy territory for changes in infrastructure such as airports, bridges, or harbors, or to locate military assets like tanks and airplanes.

  5. Traffic and congestion analysis: Transportation departments or smart city initiatives could deploy this model to monitor and manage traffic flow on expressways and at toll stations, identify congested routes, and plan infrastructure improvements to mitigate traffic issues.

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SAM training

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Expressway-Service-area, Expressway-toll-station, airplane, airport, baseballfield, basketballcourt, bridge, chimney, dam, golffield, groundtrackfield, harbor, overpass, ship, stadium, storagetank, tenniscourt, trainstation, vehicle, windmill

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