RoBoCup@Home 2023

Object Detection

RoBoCup@Home 2023 Computer Vision Project


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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Grocery Inventory Management: The model could be used in retail stores to automatically scan shelves and keep track of the inventory. It will recognize different items and count their quantities, alerting when restocking is needed.

  2. Recycling Sorting: It could assist in waste management facilities to identify and sort different types of recyclable materials. It can differentiate between things like glass bottles, plastic bottles, cans, and cartons.

  3. Sports Equipment Identification: This model could be integrated into sports applications or devices to recognize different types of sports equipment. This could be especially useful in places like schools or sports clubs to keep track of the equipment available or needed.

  4. Home Robot Assistance: This model could be used to upgrade home assistance robots, enabling them to identify different items in the home. The robot could then perform tasks such as fetching specific items, cleaning specific areas, or even assisting with cooking.

  5. Smart Kitchen Application: The model could be integrated into smart-kitchen setups where it could identify various food items and suggest recipes based on available ingredients. It could also track expiry dates and suggest when to consume items.

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Object Detection




apple, banana, baseball, bleach_bottle, bowl, cereal_box, chip_can, cola_can, cracker_box, cricket_ball, dice, fork, gelatin_box, ice_tea_bottle, knife, lemon, maxwell_house_can, milk_bottle, mug, mustard_bottle, orange, orange_juice_box, peach, pear, plate, plum, potted_meat_can, pudding_box, rubiks_cube, soccer_ball, sponge, spoon, strawberry, sugar_box, tennis_ball, tomato_soup_can, tropical_juice_bottle, tropical_juice_pack, tuna_can, wine_bottle

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