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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Gardening Assistance: The 'puri' model can be integrated into a gardening app to help users identify different plant types in their gardens, specifically Fan-Palms classes, and provide care instructions for each variety.

  2. Plant Shop Integration: It can be used in plant shops to help customers identify different plant classes through an in-store app and provide details about their maintenance, origin, and other related information.

  3. Forestry Conservation: Conservationists can use the model to identify specific Fan-Palms classes in the wild for research purposes, vegetation mapping, or monitoring plant health and biodiversity.

  4. Plant Care Reminder Application: 'Puri' can be used in an application that automatically identifies a user's houseplants and generates tailored care reminders such as watering schedules, sunlight needs, etc.

  5. Education: Educational institutions or e-learning platforms can use the model in biology or botany lessons, offering an interactive way for students to learn and identify different classes of Fan-Palms and related plants.

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Clusia, Fan-Palm, Fan-Palms, Lvicks plant, Pachira, Wind orchid, caladium, carnation, creeping fig, croton, eucalyptus, freesia, geranium, poinsettia, ribbon plant

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