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Object Detection



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Bus Stoprotation Bus only Lanerotation Chevron Markersrotation Children present- crossing Aheadrotation Compulsory Roundaboutrotation Compulsory Roundaboutrotation\ Cross Roads Aheadrotation Cycle Lane Aheadrotation Cycle only Lanerotation Directional Sign (EXPRESS WAY)rotation Directional Sign (NORMAL)rotation Directional Sign (NORMAL)rotation\ Double bend ahead End of Expresswayrotation Entrance to an Expresswayrotation Give Way Aheadrotation Give Way to vehicles on the adjacent roadrotation Height Limitrotation L Merges Aheadrotation Left Bend Ahead Level Crossing with Gates Ahead Light Signals Aheadrotation No Entryrotation No Horningrotation No Left Turnrotation No Parking and Standingrotation No Parking on Even days No Parking on Odd days No Parkingrotation No Right Turnrotation No U-turnrotation One wayrotation Parkingrotation Pass Left Siderotation Pass Right Siderotation Pass either siderotation Pedestrian Crossing Aheadrotation Pedestrian Crossingrotation R Merges Aheadrotation RC Busesrotation RC Lorriesrotation Railway Level Crossing Aheadrotation Right Bend Ahead Road Narrows Aheadrotation Road Narrows on the Left Side Ahedrotation Road Narrows on the Right Side Ahedrotation Road Work Aheadrotation Roundabout Aheadrotation Side Road From Left Side Road From Right Speed Limitrotation Staggered Junction Ahead Stop to give priority to vehicles on the adjacent roadrotation Straight Aheadrotation T' Junction Ahead Turn Leftrotation Turn Right ` hospital
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