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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Inventory management: The "Final" computer vision model can be employed by supermarkets, convenience stores, and warehouses to identify and track the stock quantity of various snack products, helping to maintain optimal inventory levels and reduce manual checks.

  2. Automatic product classification for e-commerce: This computer vision model can be used to identify and classify snack product images on online shopping platforms, ensuring that the products are correctly categorized and easy for customers to find via search.

  3. Self-checkout systems: Implementing the "Final" model in self-checkout machines can help customers quickly identify and pay for their snack products, enhancing the customer experience and speeding up the checkout process.

  4. Nutrition information extraction: A system using the "Final" computer vision model can be combined with an API or database to automatically extract nutritional information of the identified snack products, allowing consumers to make informed dietary choices.

  5. Smart vending machines: The "Final" model can be integrated into vending machines to allow for easy recognition of various snack products, making the stocking process more efficient, and providing real-time updates about inventory in the machine.

Trained Model API

This project has a trained model available that you can try in your browser and use to get predictions via our Hosted Inference API and other deployment methods.

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Object Detection




33 Caramel popcorn Cheetos corn Cheetos m Cheetos s Chil cider Chock chock chocochip Coke Coke zero Demi a Demi p Gamja in gamja Gamjatok h Gamjatok m Gosomi Hotsix KKo corn KKo in KKo sweet Kushkush Mac Milki Moun d Nacho c Nacho s Ojing Oreo choco Oreo straw Oreo thins t Oreo thins v Pepsi Poka o Poka og Sprite Ssun Swing b Swing g Vintz Yegam cheese chikchok 감자깡 고구마깡 구운양파 김땅콩 꼬깔콘고소한 꼬깔콘군옥수수 꼬깔콘매콤달콤 꼬북칩스윗바닐라 꼬북칩초코츄러스 꼬북칩츄러스296 꼬북칩콘스프 꼬북칩플레이밍라임 꿀꽈배기 눈을감자 대왕오감자크리미칠리소스 도리토스나쵸치즈 매운새우깡 못말리는신짱 바나나킥 바나나킥팝콘 새우깡 새우깡블랙 스윙칩갈릭디핑소스 스윙칩볶음고추장 쌀뻥 알새우칩 양파링 어썸감자샐러드 오감자 오감자양념바베큐소스 오구마꿀버터 오사쯔 오징어땅콩 오징어칩 옥수수깡 옥수수깡팝콘 옥수수깡하바나 자갈치 조청유과 죠리퐁 츄러스 치토스매콤달콤 치토스스모키바베큐 카라멜땅콩 카라멜크로아상 콘칩 콘칩초당옥수수 콰삭칩사워어니언 콰삭칩트러플솔트맛 포스틱 포카칩 포카칩어니언 포카칩오리지널 포테토칩 허니버터칩

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