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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Construction Site Safety: This model can be integrated into a surveillance system in construction zones to ensure workers are abiding by safety protocols. The system would alert supervisors when a worker is not wearing the required helmet or jacket.

  2. Industrial Safety Compliance: The model can be utilized in a manufacturing or industrial setup to monitor the workspace for any safety violations. This will help in maintaining high safety standards and prevent accidents due to non-compliance.

  3. Mining Industry: In the mining industry where safety measures are paramount, this computer vision model can be utilized to identify workers without correct safety equipment, enabling rapid response to potential safety risks.

  4. Training and Education: The model can be used in safety training sessions for workers, demonstrating what safe and unsafe scenarios look like. The learners can then determine the safety standard based on what the model identifies.

  5. Occupational Health and Safety Research: Researchers and policy makers can use this model to conduct studies on occupational safety. By analyzing vast amounts of visual data, important insights into workplace safety can be gained, which can aid in making workplaces safer.

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PPE detection

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