PPE detection

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Object Detection

Roboflow Universe PPE detection merged-9th feb - interns+merged1+Blue red

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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. "Construction Site Safety Monitoring": This model can be used to monitor construction sites, detecting employees who are not adhering to safety protocols such as wearing safety helmets and jackets. Alerts could be sent to supervisors to take immediate action, enhancing workplace safety.

  2. "Factory Compliance Check": Usage of this model can help industrial factories to ensure their workers are abiding by the necessary safety regulations. It can identify the workers without helmets and jackets, giving a real-time compliance review.

  3. "Traffic Control & Safety": The model can be deployed in traffic surveillance systems to detect motorcyclists or cyclists not wearing helmets, helping law enforcement officers enforce traffic safety rules more effectively.

  4. "Home Safety Management": Used as part of a home security system, the model can identify whether people within certain areas (such as near a pool or on a balcony) are safe or if any safety hazards are present.

  5. "Oil and Gas Industry Monitor": This model can be used in oil and gas industry operations, where safety equipment is vital. The model can detect no-helmet or no-jacket conditions in real-time, facilitating early intervention.

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PPE detection

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