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Trained Model API

This project has a trained model available that you can try in your browser and use to get predictions via our Hosted Inference API and other deployment methods.


This project has a YOLOv8 model checkpoint available for inference with Roboflow Deploy. YOLOv8 is a new state-of-the-art real-time object detection model.

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Object Detection



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Animal_Cat Animal_Cow Animal_Dog Animal_Duck Appliance_Dishwasher Appliance_Freezer Appliance_Grill Appliance_Microwave Appliance_Oven Appliance_Refridgerator Appliance_WashingMachine Auto_Keys Auto_SteeringWheel_Holding Auto_Touchscreen Background_BW Background_Black Background_Blue Background_Brown Background_Green Background_Grey Background_Orange Background_Peach Background_Pink Background_Purple Background_Red Background_White Background_Yellow Ball Book CPG_Bag CPG_Bottle CPG_Bottle_Spray CPG_Box CPG_Can CPG_Deodorant_Stick CPG_Detergent CPG_Generic CPG_Groceries CPG_Jar CPG_Paper_Towel CPG_Tub CPG_Tube CallToActionBox Clothing_BathingSuit Clothing_Dress Clothing_Glasses Clothing_Helmet Clothing_Ring Clothing_Suit Clothing_Suitcase Clothing_Sunglasses Clothing_Umbrella Coupe_Black Coupe_Red Drink_Can Drink_Coffee_Mug Drink_Coffee_Specialty Drink_Coffee_Styrofoam Drink_Cup Drink_Glass Drink_MilkShake Financial_Card Flag Font_Black Font_Blue Font_Brown Font_Green Font_Grey Font_Legal Font_Orange Font_Pink Font_Purple Font_Red Font_White Font_Yellow Food_Bagel Food_Bowl Food_Bread Food_BreakfastSandwich Food_BreakfastWrap Food_Burger Food_Burrito Food_Chicken Food_Dessert Food_Dessert_Cookie Food_Dessert_IceCream Food_Donut Food_Fish Food_FrenchFries Food_HotDog Food_Lasagna Food_Lobster Food_Mashed_Potatoes Food_MotzSticks Food_OnionRings Food_Pancakes Food_Pasta Food_Pizza Food_Pork Food_Ribs Food_Rice Food_Salad Food_Sandwich Food_Sandwich_Chicken Food_Sandwich_Fish Food_Sandwich_RoastBeef Food_Sandwich_Sub Food_Shrimp Food_Steak Food_Tots Food_Wrap Fruit_Berries Fruit_Lemon Fruit_Pineapple Furniture_Bed Furniture_Bookshelf Furniture_Chair Furniture_Mattress Furniture_Sofa Furniture_Table Gun Icon_Speech_Bubble Instrument_Guitar Instrument_Piano Loc_Bridge Loc_Cave Loc_City Loc_Coast Loc_Construction_Site Loc_Desert Loc_Forest Loc_Highway Loc_Hilltop Loc_Home_Baby_Room Loc_Home_Bathroom Loc_Home_Bedroom Loc_Home_DiningRoom Loc_Home_Garage Loc_Home_InsideHouse Loc_Home_Kitchen Loc_Home_LivingRoom Loc_Home_Outside Loc_InsideCar Loc_Island Loc_Lakeside Loc_Mountains Loc_Neighborhood Loc_Ocean Loc_Offroad Loc_Outside Loc_ParkingGarage Loc_ParkingLot Loc_ParkingLot_Rooftop Loc_Plain Loc_Pool Loc_River Loc_Road Loc_Rural Loc_Snow Loc_Space Loc_Sport_Basketball Loc_Sport_Golf Loc_Sport_Race Loc_Sport_Stadium Loc_Store_Bar Loc_Store_Dealership Loc_Store_Dealership_Inside Loc_Store_Factory Loc_Store_Grocery Loc_Store_Hardware Loc_Store_Hotel Loc_Store_LoadingDock Loc_Store_Office Loc_Store_OutdoorVenue Loc_Store_Restaurant Loc_Store_Retail Loc_Store_School Loc_Store_Warehouse Loc_Trees Loc_Tundra Loc_Tunnel Loc_Valley MapOfAmerica Person_Audience Person_Baby Person_BasketballPlayer Person_Boy Person_Boy_Teen Person_Girl Person_Girl_Teen Person_Man Person_Man_Football_Player Person_Man_Hat Person_Man_Helmet Person_Man_Senior Person_Man_Soldier Person_Man_with_Sunglasses Person_Smile Person_Woman Person_Woman_BlackHair Person_Woman_Blonde Person_Woman_Brunette Person_Woman_DarkHair Person_Woman_Hat Person_Woman_RedHead Person_Woman_Senior QRCode SUV_Black SUV_Blue SUV_Gold SUV_Green SUV_Grey SUV_Red SUV_Rust SUV_Silver SUV_White Season_Fall Sedan_Black Sedan_Blue Sedan_Grey Sedan_Red Sedan_Rust Sedan_Silver Sedan_White Spokes_Energizer_Bunny Spokes_GEICO_Gecko Spokes_Jake_From_State_Farm Spokes_Jeff_Goldblum Spokes_Jeremy_Brandt Spokes_Lily Spokes_Lucky Spokes_ProfBurke Spokes_Samuel_L_Jackson Spokes_Toyota_Jan Tech_Computer Tech_Headphones Tech_Laptop Tech_Phone Tech_TV Tech_Tablet Time_Dawn Time_Dusk Time_Night Trans_Bicycle Trans_Boat Trans_Camper Trans_CruiseShip Trans_Dirtbike Trans_Excavator Trans_FourWheeler Trans_Skateboard Truck_Black Truck_Blue Truck_Green Truck_Grey Truck_Red Truck_Rust Truck_White Utensil_CuttingBoard Utensil_Dish Utensil_Fork Utensil_Knife Utensil_Spoon Veg_Broccoli Veg_Carrot Veg_Celery Veg_Green_Beans Veg_Potato