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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Textile Industry Quality Control: This model could be used in textile manufacturing to automate the process of detecting and classifying different types of imperfections such as weft breakage (arret de metier), thick weft (grosse trame), and knots (noeuds). This can help enhance quality control measures and improve the overall productivity levels.

  2. Historic Fabric Analysis: Archaeologists and historians could use the model to analyze and classify different types of fabric found on archaeological sites or within artifacts to understand the materials, methods, and techniques used in historical textile production.

  3. Fashion Industry: Designers could use this model to identify and study the intricacies of different fabric styles and potentials flaws when they're procuring materials for their designs, leading to more informed decisions and possibly better quality clothing.

  4. Forensic Science: Forensic scientists could use this model to analyze textile evidence in criminal cases. They can identify specific types of flaws like knots or fabric breaks which could provide valuable clues in an investigation.

  5. Textile Education and Research: The model could be used in educational settings within textile schools and research institutions for teaching students about different types of fabric flaws and their characteristics. This could be a valuable tool for textile science and technology learners and researchers.

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arret de metier, grosse trame, noeuds

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