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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Fire Detection: This model could be beneficial for early fire detection, especially in high-risk areas such as forests, industrial complexes or residential zones. The model can identify the first signs of smoke, alerting authorities to potentially mitigate damage.

  2. Smoke Alarm Systems: An advanced application could be in smart smoke alarm systems where the model can differentiate between harmful smoke and other types of aerosols, preventing false alarms which are a common problem for traditional smoke detectors.

  3. Air Quality Monitoring: Air pollution agencies could use this model to monitor air quality, specifically detecting smoke particles in the air, delivering real-time updates on the air pollution levels in different areas.

  4. Video Surveillance in Public Transit: Having a Computer Vision model that can detect smoke can be useful to monitor public transit systems. It can alert authorities about potential hazards such as a fire in a tunnel or on a track.

  5. Safety in Mining Operations: The model can be used in underground mining operations where the risk of fire is high. Early detection of smoke can ensure quick evacuation and response, enhancing the safety of workers.

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