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almonds apple apple-pie avocado bacon-cooking balsamic-salad-dressing banana beef beef-filet bell-pepper-red-raw berries biscuits black-olives blue-mould-cheese bread-rye bread-white bread-wholemeal broccoli butter cake-chocolate capers carrot-raw cauliflower cenovis-yeast-spread cheese chicken-leg chicken-wing chinese-cabbage chips-french-fries chives chorizo coffee-with-caffeine couscous crackers crisps cucumber curry-vegetarian dried-raisins egg feta fish fish-crunchies-battered focaccia french-beans french-salad-dressing fresh-cheese fruit-tart glucose-drink-50g goat-average-raw ham ham-cooked ham-raw hamburger hamburger-bread-meat-ketchup hamburger-bun hard-cheese honey jam ketchup kiwi leaf-spinach leek lemon lentils mayonnaise meringue milk mixed-nuts mixed-salad-chopped-without-sauce mixed-seeds mixed-vegetables mozzarella muesli mushrooms oil-vinegar-salad-dressing orange panna-cotta pasta-spaghetti pear perch-fillets-lake pie-plum-baked-with-cake-dough pizza-margherita-baked potatoes-steamed pumpkin quiche-with-cheese-baked-with-puff-pastry rice ristretto-with-caffeine romanesco salad-dressing salad-lambs-ear salad-leaf-salad-green salami salmon sauce-cream sauce-roast sauce-savoury sausage semi-hard-cheese soft-cheese soup-pumpkin sugar-melon tea thickened-cream-35 tomato-raw tuna walnut water white-coffee-with-caffeine witloof-chicory yaourt-yahourt-yogourt-ou-yoghourt-natural zucchini