Food types 3

Object Detection

Food types 3 Computer Vision Project


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Object Detection



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almonds anchovies apple apple-pie apricots avocado bacon bacon-cooking balsamic-salad-dressing banana beef beef-filet beef-minced-only-meat beer beetroot-raw bell-pepper-red-raw berries biscuits black-olives blue-mould-cheese blueberries bolognaise-sauce bouquet-garni bread-5-grain bread-grain bread-nut bread-rye bread-spelt bread-white bread-whole-wheat bread-wholemeal bread-wholemeal-toast breadcrumbs-unspiced broccoli brussel-sprouts butter butter-spread-puree-almond cake-chocolate cake-salted capers cappuccino carrot-raw cauliflower cenovis-yeast-spread cervelat cheese cheese-for-raclette cheesecake chestnuts chicken chicken-cut-into-stripes-only-meat chicken-leg chicken-wing chickpeas chili-con-carne-prepared chinese-cabbage chips-french-fries chives chocolate chocolate-cookies chocolate-milk-chocolate-drink chocolate-mousse chorizo coconut-milk coffee-with-caffeine cooked-sausage cordon-bleu-from-pork-schnitzel-fried cottage-cheese couscous crackers cream crepe-plain crisps croissant-with-chocolate-filling croque-monsieur crunch-muesli cucumber cucumber-pickled curry-vegetarian dairy-ice-cream dark-chocolate dried-meat dried-raisins egg eggplant eggplant-caviar espresso-with-caffeine fajita-bread-only falafel-balls fennel feta fish fish-crunchies-battered focaccia french-beans french-salad-dressing fresh-cheese fruit-tart glucose-drink-50g goat-average-raw grissini grits-polenta-maize-flour guacamole ham ham-cooked ham-raw hamburger hamburger-bread-meat-ketchup hamburger-bun hard-cheese hazelnut hazelnut-chocolate-spread-nutella-ovomaltine-caotina herbal-tea honey hummus jam juice-multifruit kefir-drink ketchup kiwi kolhrabi lasagne-meat-prepared latte-macchiato-with-caffeine leaf-spinach leek lemon lentils mandarine mango maple-syrup-concentrate mashed-potatoes-prepared-with-full-fat-milk-with-butter mayonnaise meat-terrine-pate meringue milk milk-chocolate mixed-nuts mixed-salad-chopped-without-sauce mixed-seeds mixed-vegetables mozzarella muesli muffin mushrooms oat-milk oil-vinegar-salad-dressing omelette-plain onion orange panna-cotta parmesan parsley pasta-in-butterfly-form-farfalle pasta-penne pasta-spaghetti pasta-twist pear perch-fillets-lake pie-plum-baked-with-cake-dough pistachio pizza-margherita-baked pork pork-escalope pork-roast potatoes-au-gratin-dauphinois-prepared potatoes-steamed praline processed-cheese pumpkin pumpkin-seeds quiche-with-cheese-baked-with-puff-pastry quinoa ratatouille red-cabbage rice rice-basmati ristretto-with-caffeine roll-with-pieces-of-chocolate romanesco rosti salad-dressing salad-lambs-ear salad-leaf-salad-green salami salmon salmon-smoked salt-cake-vegetables-filled sandwich-ham-cheese-and-butter sauce-cream sauce-curry sauce-pesto sauce-roast sauce-savoury sauce-soya sausage seeds semi-hard-cheese shrimp-prawn-large shrimp-prawn-small soft-cheese soup-miso soup-pumpkin soup-vegetable sour-cream soya-drink-soy-milk sugar-melon sun-dried-tomatoe sunflower-seeds sweet-potato swiss-chard tea tea-green tea-verveine tete-de-moine thickened-cream-35 tiramisu tofu tomato-raw tomato-sauce tomme tuna veal-sausage vegetable-mix-peas-and-carrots vegetables walnut water water-mineral water-with-lemon-juice white-cabbage white-coffee-with-caffeine white-radish wine-red wine-white witloof-chicory yaourt-yahourt-yogourt-ou-yoghourt-natural zucchini