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Sell Products 2

Object Detection

Sell Products 2 Computer Vision Project

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Object Detection




beng-beng-share-it bento buldok c-vit-lemon-no-sugar c-vit-orange calpis-lacto-soda carada chaba-tubtim chacha cocacola copp corne-chese dozo-cornchese dozo-original dutchmill-blueberry dutchmill-mix-fruit elfen est fanta-strawberry ff-tomato fourmost-strawberry ha-na-mi-chile ha-na-mi-original horse-correction-tape jele-beautie-blackcurrant jele-beautie-collagen-vitamin-c jele-beautie-l-carnitine-vitamin-c jele-beautie-l-glutathione-zinc jele-beautie-vitamin-a-c-e jele-beautie-vitamin-c-200 jele-light-blueberry jele-light-mixed-fruit jele-super-light-summer kaiyang kato-lychee kelloggs kisco-deno-stone knor-pork knor-pork-seaweed kukuru lactasoy laurier-super-gentle-plus lays-barbq lays-chili-squid lays-meingkam lays-salt lays-seafood lipton-ice-tea m150 magic-farm-black-jelly magic-farm-coconut mama-joke-chicken mama-pork mama-tom-yam-kung-nam-kon mama-yen-ta-fo-moh-fai manorah masterarts milddy milo-chocobar mirinda mk-seaweed mong-kood-ta-le nissin-chese nissin-crab oishi-black-tea-lemon oishi-honey-lemon oishi-japanese-rice oishi-original oishi-watermelon orange-sirichin party pepsi phe-bus-role-corn pocky pr-bigbang puthai puthai-small quantum quick-tom-klong quick-tom-yam-kung save-pak-pop-up-tissue seppe-beautyeyes seppe-collagen seppe-slims seven-up sing-soda sing-water sofy-cooling-fresh sponser sprite stepsils stikko-chocolate tao-kea-noi-original tao-kea-noi-spicy taro-lite taro-original taro-super-zapp tawan-kung-krob thai-den-mark-original tipco-mulberry tipco-purple-carrot topup-chocolate toro vit-a-day-milk-tea wrigley-doublemint yen-yen yoya yoyo yumyum-suki yumyum-tom-yum-moh-fai

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