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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Waste Sorting: This model could be used in waste management facilities to automate the process of sorting garbage into different classes, increasing the efficiency and accuracy of recycling efforts.

  2. Public Cleanliness: The model could be integrated into smart city systems to monitor public spaces for litter, helping municipalities identify areas that need to be cleaned or require better waste management solutions.

  3. Education and Raising Awareness: The model could be utilized in educational campaigns or apps aiming to raise public awareness about the kinds of waste they generate, how it can be properly disposed of or recycled, and understanding the environmental impact of different waste materials.

  4. Business Sustainability: Companies, especially in the manufacturing and packaging industries, could use this model to audit their waste production and develop more sustainable business practices - identifying areas where reuse or recycling could be increased.

  5. Marine Conservation: The model could be used to analyze images or video footage of oceans and rivers to detect and classify waste, aiding in both cleanup efforts and research into plastic pollution.

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