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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Law Enforcement: This model can be used for license plate recognition, tracing stolen vehicles, ticketing for parking or traffic violations, or tracking vehicles related to criminal cases in UAE.

  2. Traffic Management: The system can be deployed to monitor real-time traffic conditions, gather statistics on car types and frequency in different areas at different times. It can help with traffic flow optimization and planning road infrastructure.

  3. Parking Management: This model can be used in parking lots to identify vehicles' license plates, automating entry/exit processes, and maintaining records for security purposes.

  4. Insurance Agencies: Insurance companies can use the model to identify and store the vehicle details along with the license plate number. This can be used to verify claims and mitigate fraud cases.

  5. Car Rental Services: Renting agencies can use it to automate their vehicle entry and exit process. The model can identify and keep track of their fleet, minimizing manual work and improving efficiency.

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