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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Automated Parking System: The "UAE car" model can be used in developing autonomous parking systems where it helps identify the classes of the car and segregate them based on car types, like new or old, Dubai or Abu Dhabi etc, thereby offering nuanced and dynamic parking solutions.

  2. Traffic Surveillance and Law Enforcement: The ability to classify car types and identify license plates could be used in traffic surveillance systems, allowing for easier identification of vehicles for law enforcement purposes. This dataset, for instance, could be used to identify cars that are registered in different emirates.

  3. Automated Rental Services: Car rental companies could use this model to automate the process of recognizing and differentiating cars in their lots. It would streamline inventory management, especially in large multi-location businesses.

  4. Car Dealerships and Auctions: The model could be used in car dealerships or car auctions to recognize and catalog the various cars available for sale, making it easier for prospective buyers to locate and compare specific types of vehicles.

  5. Automotive Research and Development: The model can be used to study the popularity and distribution of different car types in various parts of the UAE. This quantitative data can be instrumental in shaping local car manufacturing or trade policies.

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