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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Fleet Classification and Monitoring: Companies, especially in the logistics and transportation industry, can use this model to monitor and classify their vehicle fleets in real time, distinguishing different types of vehicles such as trucks with trailers, rigid trucks, single tractor units, etc.

  2. Traffic Management Systems: City traffic management systems can use this model to identify and count different types of vehicles on the road, enabling more accurate traffic flow prediction and helping to design better traffic control strategies.

  3. Auto Insurance Industry: Insurers can deploy this model to classify and evaluate the risks associated with different types of vehicles in claims investigations and in determining insurance policy premiums.

  4. Surveillance and Security: Law enforcement agencies and security companies can use this computer vision model in surveillance systems to identify and track specific types of vehicles, helping with investigations or vehicle tracking.

  5. Autonomous Vehicles' Training: The model can be used in the development of autonomous vehicles, helping them to recognize and differentiate between different types of vehicles on the road, which would contribute to improving their decision-making capabilities.

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Object Detection




bus, car, d, light goods vehicle, rigid truck, rigid truck with trailer, single tractor unit, truck with trailer

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