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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Traffic Surveillance: The model could be used in surveillance systems to monitor and analyze traffic flow. The system could identify and categorize each vehicle for advanced traffic modelling and comprehensive statistics that help in designing more efficient road infrastructure.

  2. Transportation and Logistics Enhancement: Freight companies, especially those employing large fleets of trucks and vans, could utilize the model to monitor and classify their moving assets in real-time. This could help improve scheduling, tracking, and efficiency of operations.

  3. Autonomous Vehicles: The model could aid in developing autonomous driving systems by helping the car's algorithm to distinguish between different types of vehicles on the road, enhancing safety and decision-making skills of the vehicle.

  4. Public Transportation Planning: City planners could use the model to assess the usage of different types of vehicles like buses, vans, and cars on different roads at various times of the day. This information could be used for transit planning and infrastructure development.

  5. Enhanced Road Safety: Law enforcement agencies could use this model in systems designed to identify heavy vehicles such as trucks and tractors that might be breaking size or weight restrictions on certain roads or bridges, thus improving traffic safety.

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