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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Smart Traffic Management: The "Edited_version" model could be used to manage traffic and pedestrian safety in urban areas. This could include identifying different types of vehicles to allocate the appropriate lane sizes, control traffic lights cycles depending on the type of vehicles present, or assist with dispatch in response to accidents or emergencies.

  2. Vehicle Recognition Systems: It could be integrated into systems that need to identify or differentiate between vehicle types, such as parking systems, toll collection points, or vehicle surveillance systems. For example, toll plazas could use this model to automatically classify vehicles and charge them appropriately.

  3. Autonomous Vehicle Development: This model could help with the advancement of autonomous vehicles, by helping them better recognize and anticipate different types of vehicles on the road, thereby improving their performance and safety.

  4. Image Categorization: For platforms that involves a lot of automotive images, the model could be used to categorize images by vehicle type, which could improve search and sorting functionality.

  5. Insurance Claims Processing: Insurance companies could use "Edited_version" model to analyze photographs from accidents and automatically categorize the types of vehicles involved. This could streamline the processing of claims and improve service accuracy.

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bus, car, lgh, light goods vehicle, rigid truck, rigid truck with trailer, single tracktor unit, tractor with trailer, truck

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