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This project has a trained model available that you can try in your browser and use to get predictions via our Hosted Inference API and other deployment methods.

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Mohamed AI

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Object Detection




(, ), +, -, ., /, 0, 00, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 99, :, ;, =, @, A, A/T, A/T3, AA, ADVANTAGE, ALL, ALL COUNTRY, ALL SEASON, ALL-TERRAIN, ALTIMAX ARCTIC, ALTIMAX ARCTIC, AS, AS PLUS 3, AT2, AT3, AT3 LT, AT51, AVALANCHE, Advantage, All-Terrain, Antares, B, B420, BFGoodrich, BLIZZAK, BLIZZAK WS70, BLIZZAK WS90, Boundary, Bridgestone, C, CARGO MAX, CARGO MAX, CHELIN, CONTIPROCONTACT, COUNTRY, CROSS CONTACT LX, CROSS CONTACT LX SPORT, CSS GRAND, Carlisle, ContiPro Contact, Continental, Coopertires, D, DEFENDER, DISCOVERER, DURA, DURATRAC, DYNAPRO, DYNAPRO HP2, DYNAPRO MT, Dunlop, E, EAGLE, EAGLE RS, EAGLE RS - A, ECOPIA, EL 450, EL450, EOLANDER G93, ESS GRAND, EVOLUTION, E\, F, FORD, FOUR SEASONS, FT140, Falken, Firestone, G, G075, G3 - ICE, G3-ICE, GEOLANDAR, GEOLANDAR G95, GEOLANDAR GO33, GEOLANDAR GO55, GEOLANDER, GEOLANDER GO33, GEOLANDER GO55, GEOLLANDAR, GO55, GOOD, GRABBER, GRABBER HTS, GRAND, GRIP 20, GRIP 50, GRIP 60, GSI - 5, GTradial, General, Gislaved, Goodyear, H, H/L 422, H/L 422 PLUS, HELIN, Hankook, Hercules, Hilo, I, I PIKE RW11, ICE, ICE ZERO, IG51V, IPIKERW11, Ironman, J, K, K02, KINERG/ GT, KINERGY GT, KUMHO, Kelly, Kumho, L, LATITUDE, LTX A/T 2, Laufenn, Loadstar, M, MAJORIS R1, MM, MR - W562, MR-W562, Michelin, Motomaster, N, NN, NORD FROST 5, O, OBSERVE, ONE, OUTSIDE, P, P4, PILOT ALPIN 5 SUV, PILOT ALPIN5 SUV, PILOT SUPER SPORT, PLAN, POLAR TRAX, POLAR TRAX WPS, POTENZA RE980 AS, PRIMACY MXM4, Pilot Super Sport, Pirelli, Q, R, RE, ROAD, ROAD VENTURE, ROAD VONTURE, ROTATION, RS A, RS - A, RUGGED TRAIL, Runway, S, SCLARUS AS, SCORPION, SCORPION AS, SE3, SOLARUS, SOLARUS AS, SPORT, SPORT LT, Sailun, Saxon, Sport, Sport LT, T, T/A, TERRAIN, TERRAIN CONTACT, TIGER PAW AWP 3, TIGER PAW, TIGER PAW AWP 3, TOTAL, TOTAL TERRAIN, TOUR, TOURINC, TOURING, TRUE CONTACT, TRUECONTACT, TT, TURANZA, Tour HP, U, Uniroyal, V, VAZZ THIC BOI, VERDE, VERDE ALL SEASON, W, WARANGLER, WILLSO A7, WINTER, WINTER - CHALLENGER, WINTER - HERO, WINTER EDGE, WINTER RAFT, WINTER- CHALLENGER, WINTERCRAFT, WINTERCRAFT WP71, WINTERCRAFT WP71, WINTERFORCE 2, WINTERFORCE 2 UV, WINTERFORCE LT, WP71, WRANGLER, WS70, WS90, Winter, Winter-hero, X, X - ICE SNOW, X - ICE SNOW SUV, X-ICE, X-ICESNOW, Y, Z, ZERO, \, a, alken, allseason, allterrain, altimax, antares, arctic, b, bfgoodrich, bilzzak, boundary, bridgestone, c, carlisle, continental, contiprocontact, cooper, coopertires, crosscontactLX, d, defender, dunlop, dynapro, e, ecopia, edge, evolution, f, falken, firestone, ft140, g, g3ice, general, geolandar, gisaved, gislaved, goodyear, grabber, gsi-5, gtradial, h, hankook, hilo, hyphen, i, i pike, ice, ice GUARD, ice GUARD GO75, ice GUARD O075, ice GUARD iG51V, ice GUARD iG51v, ice GUARD iG52C, ice GUARD iG52c, iceguard, infinity, ipike, ipikerw11, ironman, k, kelly, kinergy, kumho, l, latitude, laufenn, m, majorisr1, michelin, motomaster, mxm4, n, o, observe, one, oo, oynapro, p, pilotalpin, pirelli, polartrax, priimacy, primacy, q, r, road, roadventure, ruggedtrail, runway, s, sailum, sailun, saxon, scorpion, slash, sport, starfire, t, tigerpaw, toyo, turanda, u, uniroyal, v, venture, wanli, winter, winter-hero, wintercraft, winterhero, wr-w562, wrangler, x, x-icesnow, y, yokohama

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