IIT Madras


Object Detection

Ibot Image Dataset


2023-05-12 12:40am

Generated on May 11, 2023

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Pascal VOC XML
Common XML annotation format for local data munging (pioneered by ImageNet).
PaliGemma JSONL format used for fine-tuning PaliGemma, Google's open multimodal vision model.
CreateML JSON format is used with Apple's CreateML and Turi Create tools.
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Dataset Split

Train Set 88%
Valid Set 8%
Test Set 4%


Auto-Orient: Applied
Static Crop: 25-75% Horizontal Region, 25-75% Vertical Region
Resize: Stretch to 640x640
Auto-Adjust Contrast: Using Adaptive Equalization
Grayscale: Applied


Outputs per training example: 3
Flip: Horizontal
90° Rotate: Clockwise, Counter-Clockwise
Crop: 0% Minimum Zoom, 20% Maximum Zoom
Rotation: Between -15° and +15°
Shear: ±15° Horizontal, ±15° Vertical
Grayscale: Apply to 25% of images
Hue: Between -25° and +25°
Saturation: Between -25% and +25%
Brightness: Between -25% and +25%
Exposure: Between -25% and +25%
Blur: Up to 2.5px
Noise: Up to 5% of pixels
Cutout: 3 boxes with 10% size each
Mosaic: Applied
Bounding Box: Flip: Horizontal
Bounding Box: 90° Rotate: Clockwise, Counter-Clockwise
Bounding Box: Crop: 0% Minimum Zoom, 20% Maximum Zoom
Bounding Box: Rotation: Between -15° and +15°
Bounding Box: Shear: ±15° Horizontal, ±15° Vertical
Bounding Box: Brightness: Between -25% and +25%
Bounding Box: Exposure: Between -25% and +25%
Bounding Box: Blur: Up to 2.5px
Bounding Box: Noise: Up to 5% of pixels