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Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Smart Waste Sorting: The model may be used in a smart waste sorting system in residential complex or public areas, that can identify and segregate different types of waste based on their classes, thereby promoting organized waste management and recycling.

  2. Recycling Plants: In recycling industries, the model can be used to sort different types of waste for optimized recycling processes. For instance, detection of paper, cardboard, aluminum, glass bottle, etc. could aid in their proper classification and processing.

  3. Cleaning Robots: The model could be integrated into autonomous cleaning machines or robots to aid in household waste recognition and handling. It could help these machines to collect specific types of waste for disposal or recycling.

  4. Environmental Advocacy: The application can also be useful for environmental groups and organizations, to demonstrate the types and amount of waste we generate daily. It could be used to raise awareness and promote more sustainable habits.

  5. Waste Audit & Management: This computer vision model could be used by waste management companies or local authorities to conduct waste audits more efficiently, by swiftly categorizing the types of waste found in a specific location and helping to design better waste management strategies.

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Object Detection




aluminum, cardboard, egg shell, facemask, food wrapper, fruit peels, glass bottle, left-over food, paper, pet bottle, plastic bag, plastic bottle, plastic container, plastic sachet, plastic straw, styrofoam containers, treeleaves, uht carton, vegetable peels

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